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Sports Nutrition | Nicola Drabble

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is an exciting field of nutrition.  Regardless of the level at which you participate in a sport, diet can play an enormous role in improving your performance.  Evidence-based sport nutrition guidelines, which explore the connection between nutrition, exercise and well-being, form a crucial part of any athlete’s competitive and training program.

If your diet is not suitable, you could:

  • Run out of energy before the end of a training session, match, race or competition, therefore not performing to your best physical and mental ability
  • Put yourself at risk of getting injured


Getting your diet right will:

  • Enhance your performance and give you ‘the edge’ over your opposition
  • Help recover from injury and illness


Research shows that the appropriate selection of foods and fluids, timing of intake and supplement choices are imperative for optimal health and exercise performance.  Athletes must consume adequate food and fluids before, during, and after exercise to maintain body weight, replenish glycogen stores, provide adequate protein to build and repair tissue and to balance fluid losses.

A good training and competition diet can improve times and performance.  Eat well – perform better

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