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The foods I wouldn’t eat! Sarie Magazine | Nicola Drabble

The foods I wouldn’t eat! Sarie Magazine

22 November 2013
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Sarie Magazine asked different dietitians which foods we would never eat.  For me its processed meats!

Processed meats such as salami, polony, viennas, russians, sausages, canned/tinned meats, processed hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, etc are all processed meats which are frequently used for lunch time sandwiches/ meals.

Besides processed meats being high in saturated fats which increase cholesterol and can cause heart disease, they also contain preservatives such as salts and nitrates which have been found to increase the risk of developing cancers of the bowel, stomach, oesophagus, endometrium and prostate.

Better options for meal times would be to have oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and pilchards.   These contain omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial to your heart, and help fight against heart and blood vessel diseases; for maintenance of joints and inflammation; and to help children with concentration difficulties such as ADHD.  Other good options would be unprocessed meats such as roast chicken, beef and ham, low fat cottage cheese, as well as hummus.  These can be paired with salad vegetables such as tomato and cucumber for sandwiches.

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